Thank you for your interest in the e-Trustee training platform. Please note that from 1st September 2023 this website will no longer be available as the platform is no longer able to support it. If you have any queries about trustee roles, responsibility and governance please contact Community Action Suffolk on 01473 345300.

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Our students contact us everyday with comments they have, advices, and also questions. Your feedback is very important to us to improve our course. Thank you! If you want to add your testimonial, please contact us.

Christalla Gerolemou, Herts
Congratulations on an excellent training programme and resources. I shall be commending it to my fellow trustees and others who might be interested.

Richard Edwards, Lancashire
Excellent piece of work.

Sanja Kane, Kingston, Surrey
Thank you so much for providing such a useful and comprehensive resource!

Di, Wakefield
I'm finding the modules very interesting and quite absorbing ! Time flies by when I'm working through them.

Simon Waldron, Newmarket
I was somewhat sceptical that 'I can't believe it's not butter' would actually live up to it's name, but it does!

Williw L., Florida
I just completed my online test. It took me a couple of tries but I am so excited to have it complete. The information provided is professional. Thank you for providing the service and I will definitely recommend to my friends.

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